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Microscopic Subinguinal Varicocelectomy


Microscopic Subinguinal Varicocelectomy

Microscopic sub-inguinal varicocelectomy is a surgical procedure that is used to treat varicoceles, which are enlarged veins in the scrotum that can cause pain, discomfort, and infertility. This procedure is performed under regional anaesthesia and involves making a small incision in the groin area.

During the procedure, the surgeon uses a microscope to locate and isolate the affected veins, which are then tied off and cut. This helps to redirect blood flow to healthy veins and reduce the size of the varicocele.

The sub-inguinal microscopic approach involves making a small incision in the groin area, which allows the surgeon to access the affected veins without having to make a larger incision in the abdomen. Also, this method of treatment has got least chance of recurrence among all surgical approaches. This approach is less invasive and has a shorter recovery time than other surgical approaches.

Microscopic sub-inguinal varicocelectomy is a safe and effective treatment option for varicoceles, and can help to relieve pain, improve fertility, and restore normal testicular function. As the procedure is carried out using a very small, non-muscle cutting incision patient gets an early recovery and very minimal risk of adverse events.

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